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  • I’m New! How can I purchase packages for XYZ On-Air?

    Simply sign up for an XYZ On-Air account on the website and choose the Subscription Access right for you.

  • How do your Subscription Packages work?

    Currently we offer 1-time view, 1-month, 3-months, 6-months and 12-months Subscription Access.

  • How can I cancel my Subscription for XYZ On-Air?

    Each Subscription will be automatically renewed from the date of your first purchase. To cancel your Subscription, please login to your Account and follow the prompts. Feel free to email us at xyzonair@youarexyz.com to let us know how we can improve the experience for you next time!

  • Can I use my XYZ Rides Series Package for XYZ On-Air?

    Unfortunately the packages are separate for now.

  • Do I need any equipment for the workouts?

    Most of our workouts use bodyweight only. If additional equipment is needed, it will be mentioned in the class description. There are always substitutes - for example, water bottles can always be used as weights! Be creative and use whatever you have.

  • You offer many different types of workouts. Do I need to purchase separate packages for each?

    No! One Subscription Access (except 1-Time View Access) will allow you to watch all of our workouts.

  • What does Upcoming Classes mean?

    It means that the class will be played at the specified time and date. To join the class, you can either pay-per-view for that particular Upcoming class at the set date and time, or join in using your existing subscription.